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As prescribed in the Human Resource Management Act No. 52 of 2012, HRMPEB is the agency charged with the mandate of Certifying Human Resource Professionals in Kenya. As per our Mandate therefore, our key business is to develop and prescribe syllabi, and examine professionals practicing in the field of Human resource management in Kenya.

The certification offered by the HRMPEB is Certified Human Resource Management Professional

This is an elaborately professional certification intended to assess candidates' knowledge, skills and attitudes required for effective management of human resources to achieve organization and individual goals.

CHRP examinations are divided into three Parts CHRP i, CHRP ii and CHRP iii

CHRP (i) is the entry level into the HR profession which comprises Levels 1 and 2. It is intended to prepare one for an HR Assistant role. It targets those interested in joining the HR profession but have no HR background or are direct school leavers. Those already working in the HR profession but with no relevant qualifications shall also start at this level.
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The part ii of the CHRP is structured to accommodate candidates who are already in the HR Profession with relevant qualifications, but need to enhance their skills and knowledge. It targets holders of CHRP i or Diplomas and Bachelors' degrees in HR and related disciplines as provided in the rules and regulations governing entry requirements
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The part iii of the CHRP credentials is a progressions from the CHRP ii intended to propagate an advanced body of knowledge and skills neccessary for middle and top levels of HRM. It targets candidates who are holders of CHRP ii, Higher Diploma or Postgraduate degree holders in Human Resource Management
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As part of out regulatory mandate, HRMPEB, identifies and accredits institutions to offer tuition and academic services to CHRP candidates. Our services herein includes inspection of the training centers in terms of capacity and resources to provide adequate and quality training and preparations to the CHRP candidates at various levels. So far HRMPEB has accredited more that twenty CHRP training institutions.
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HRMPEB is the CHRP Certifying authority. Our mandate stipulates that HRMPEB shall issue professional qualifying certificates to candiates, upon satisfactory completion of curriculum and other requirements prescribed for the CHRP
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Our expertise and functions generates a significant body of knowledge in Human Resource Management. We especially pride ourselves in imparting emerging practices and methods to the Candidates of CHRP and the Genral HR Fraternity in Kenya
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