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What does

Human Resource Management Professionals Examination Board (HRMPEB) is mandated to certify HR professionals in Kenya.
What does HRMPEB stand for?

HRMPEB is an abbreviation for Human Resource Management Professionals Examinations Board.

Exactly, Who is HRMPEB

HRMPEB is a professional examinations body established by section 16 of the Human Resource Management Professionals Act, no. 52, of 2012. Its mandate is to develop syllabus, conduct professional examinations in Human Resource Management, make rules with respect to examinations, prescribe the fees and other charges payable with respect to such examinations, certify/issue certificates to candidates who satisfy examination requirements, and promote recognition of its examinations locally and internationally.

Where is HRMPEB located and does it have branches?

HRMPEB is located at Mwalimu Towers, Hill Lane Off Mara Road, Upper Hill, Nairobi. Currently, HRMPEB does not have branches however, all the information and applications forms are available in the website.

What is CHRP?

CHRP is an abbreviation for Certified Human Resource Professional, a professional certification course in Human Resource Management that is offered by HRMPEB.

What are the qualifications for one to undertake CHRP?
  1. Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) with an aggregate of at least C plus (C+) and a minimum grade of C (C plain) in English and Mathematics or Have equivalent qualifications subject to approval by the examinations Board.
  2. A degree from a recognized University.
  3. A diploma from a recognized University/College.
  4. A professional examination certificate.
  5. Hold Equivalent Qualifications Recognized by the Examinations Board.
How can one register as a CHRP student?

Applicants are to duly fill and sign the HRMPEB student registration form and submit the form together with certified copies of the following documents

  1. National ID – Mandatory
  2. Secondary school certificate- Mandatory
  3. Official colour passport size photo- Mandatoty
  4. Academic and/or professional course qualification certificates and their official transcripts
  5. Pay non refundable registration fee of Kes. 7500(Submit Bank slip or Mpesa payment Advice)
  6. Equation and Qualifications letter from Kenya National Qualifications Authority or Commission for University Education in support of academic qualifications awarded by learning institutions outside Kenya.
What is document certification?

Certification is the attestation/declaration that the documents submitted for purposes of registration and/or exemptions are authentic and true copies of the originals. Documents submitted to HRMPEB for purposes of registration/exemptions must be certified by the Qualification Awarding Institution or Commissioner for Oaths.

How can one submit his/her application?

Application for student registration can be submitted physically at HRMPEB offices or via email through . Applicants are advised to ensure they have met all the application requirements before submission of application.
Applications submitted via email are to be done in well-scanned and organized-legible continuous pdf file format.

What are the fees charged by HRMPEB?

Click here to see the CHRP Fee Structure. HRMPEB does not charge training/tuition fee. Tuition fees is charged by the HRMPEB accredited training institutions.

Can one register for CHRP as a private Candidate?

Currently, the private candidature option is not available. All HRMPEB registered students are to enroll in one of the HRMPEB accredited training institutions.

How can one apply for exemptions and what are the requirements?

CHRP Exemptions are awarded on paper by paper basis. To apply for exemptions, one is required to submit a duly filled and signed exemptions application form together with certified copies of academic and/or professional certificates and the relevant certified copies of transcripts. Certificate level qualifications or their equivalents are not considered in the award of CHRP exemptions. Diploma, degree, professional course qualifications or their equivalents from recognized institutions are considered.

What is the CHRP student Registration procedure?

CHRP applicants are first required to get approval (Student Registration approval letter) from HRMPEB before enrolling for training at an accredited CHRP training institution. HRMPEB registered students with exemption(s) are further required to clear the applicable exemptions fees and be issued with formal letter of exemptions before enrolling at an accredited training institution of choice.

How can one get his/her Student Registration approval letter?

The letter is issued upon successful processing of student registration application. The letter is sent to the applicant’s provided email address.

How can one get his/her formal letter of exemptions?

Formal letter of exemptions is issued following payment of applicable exemptions fees. The letter is sent to the student’s provided email address.

What are the dates for examinations?

CHRP examinations are held twice yearly in June and November. See Examination Time Table on the website under student resource for actual dates.

Which documents should a candidate have in an examinations room?

Examinations candidates must have the following mandatory identification/approval documents

  1. Original National ID or Passport or Valid relevant Visa for non residents.
  2. Valid HRMPEB student ID
  3. Examinations Card
Which institutions offer training in HRMPEB examinations courses?
Can one have his/her certificate collected on behalf?

In view of the sensitivity of the certificates, Finalists are required to collect their certificates in person.

Besides CHRP, does HRMPEB offer other examinations?

Currently, HRMPEB only offers CHRP examinations. However, the Examination Board has developed new competence based curricula for Diploma and Certificate in Human Resource Management that are set for rolling out in July 2022 and to be first examined in November 2022. The Board has also revised the current CHRP curriculum. The revised curriculum is set for examination starting November 2022. The Revised CHRP curriculum and the new Diploma and Certificate curricula have been approved by relevant authorities.

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