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Human Resource Management Professionals Examinations Board (HRMPEB) was established by section 16 of the Human Resource Management Professionals Act, no. 52, 2012 as an examinations body. In April 2021, HRMPEB was categorised by State Corporations Advisory Services (SCAC) as a state corporation in the Ministry of Public Service & Gender (State Department for Public Service).


We prescribe to a customer focused corporate mantra, an our corporate positioning is based on these core values of:
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Responsiveness
  • Teamwork


Ethical People-Centric Human Resource Management Professionals


To develop competency in Human Resource practice through curriculum development, conducting professional examinations and certification for a productive workforce and organizational efficiency


To develop and prescribe human resource curricula, manage, professional examinations and certify qualified candidates.


Curriculum Development

Preparation of syllabuses and curriculum for HR examinations

Examining the HRM Professionals

Preparation and administration of CHRP Examinations for Human Resource Management Professionals.

Certification of CHRP candidates

Certification of candidates who have satisfied CHRP examination requirements at various Levels


  1. Prescribe and regulate syllabuses of instruction for human resource Management professionals examinations;
  2. Prepare and conduct examinations for human resource professionals;
  3. Make rules with respect to the examinations;
  4. Prescribe fees and other charges with respect to its examinations;
  5. Issue certificates to candidates who have satisfied examinations requirements;
  6. Investigate and determine cases involving indiscipline by students registered with the examinations Board;
  7. Promote recognition of its examinations locally and internationally;
  8. Do anything incidental to or conducive to the performance of any of the preceding
  9. functions.


By becoming a fully Certified Human Resource Management Professional, you're tried and tested and approved to practice HRM anywhere in Kenya and Beyond..


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